About Us

The Jobs Network at King's Rochester has two aims:

  1. To provide comprehensive, practical careers advice and support to current pupils who are considering the many options open to them.
  2. To support King's Rochester pupils who need advice and support to further their current careers or who are contemplating a change in career direction.

The Jobs Network at King's Rochester provides advice, work experience and practical help and support for King's Rochester pupils and ORs in today's challenging employment market. It gives them access, via a bespoke King's Rochester database, to a wealth of contacts, knowledge, work placements and practical, expert advice from former King's Rochester pupils, parents and friends of the School, all aimed at helping them to stand out from the crowd at interview and in the workplace.

By registering as an applicant on The Jobs Network website at King's Rochester, you can search for a mentor (who will be a former King's Rochester pupil, parent or friend of the School) and whose area of expertise is suitable and relevant to your career interests. Since they already are, or have been, closely connected with King's Rochester they have a vested interest in providing the best possible professional advice, help and support to King's Rochester pupils - past and present.

If both mentor and applicant agree, they can introduce themselves via The Jobs Network and a conversation will begin.

If you would like to help by becoming a mentor to current or former King's Rochester pupils – or offer any other form of work-based help - then please click here to fill in our Mentor questionnaire.

Recent mentor-led events at King's Rochester have included: